Hospital Kit for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing


For Deaf and Hard of Hearing people, going to the hospital can be very challenging.  It is already hard to understand the doctors and nurses and other hospital staff especially when they are wearing masks. The HLAA Richmond Chapter have come up with a kit to help the Deaf and Hard of Hearing:  Each hospital kit contains the following items:


  1. Brochure: Tips to help you during your hospital stay.
  2. Hard of Hearing / Deaf Poster: Place sign in an obvious place such as on the wall over the bed. If approved by the hospital staff use the two 3M sticky squares when getting ready to display the sign.
  3. Picture Placard: This is a placard with different pictures showing some common needs of hospitalized patients who may have communications problems. The patient only needs to point to the picture telling what it is that he/she may need.
  4. Small Hearing Loss Symbol Stickers: Ask staff to place them on your records, the call button for your room at the nurse’s station or anywhere else that is appropriate.
  5. Communication Tips Card: Hang sign in a conspicuous place. Have the card put on the “white board” or other information board in your room.
  6. “Face Me” Badge: Clip on bed clothes or pillow. A clear badge holder and clip have been included in the hospital kit.
  7. Small Plastic Box: For storage of hearing aids or cochlear implants when not being worn. Fill in label (found in hospital kit) with patients information and adhere to the plastic box.
  8. Pen and Pad: Use to take notes, have people write down what you do not clearly understand, to verify instructions, etc.
  9. Flashlight: To help you should you need a little more light.


For more information, contact Linda Wallace at 804-239-9546 or